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Publish stunning and informative adventures that’ll inspire others to book, while putting some cash in your pocket at the same time.

After our recent announcement about our new payment structure for bloggers, this post is about how to put together a stand-out Adventure. But the end of it, you’ll be a publishing whizz, and have a fund towards your next trip. Sweet!

Tips on publishing a knock-out Adventure

Any travel itinerary on IQPlanner should include several components. This includes text, photos and videos (if available). Each of these components will ensure a full and visually exciting Adventure that others will be sure to notice.


  • We recommend writing at least 300 words to detail your Adventure. Be sure to include as much detail as possible, ie, place name, available activities. Here’s a good example from one of our top bloggers, Adam, from The Wright Route on Petra.

  • Clearly format the text. Add an appropriate title for each activity you want to write about, and — if you want — add a short description after. Here you can add something brief, yet useful. For example, ‘Entrance in the evening is free’ or ‘You can leave your bags in the storage room.’ This field isn’t for the body text, and you’ll notice this from the much smaller font size. This Adventure highlights a good example of how to properly use descriptions.

  • It’s imperative you use your own text and content. Use your experience to create unforgettable adventures and share it with others.

  • Your Adventure is your chance to sell your trip. Questions to consider include, ‘Why should they go here?’ ‘What should visitors see?’ ‘What attractions are unmissable?’ ‘Are there any secret places you visited that others might also enjoy?’ All this information will help travellers that are keen on using your itinerary.

  • Share your thoughts. Was there something you especially liked about the trip, or alternatively, a place that you wouldn’t return to? All of this information will be valuable to other travellers.

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Photos and videos

  • It’s an understatement that photos add life to an Adventure, so the more you add, the better the result. Again, please use your own content. If you do use someone else’s photo, don’t forget to mention the author. Refer to our guidelines for more on using images in your Adventures.

  • Smaller photos should be loaded in pairs, so that they’ll be optimally displayed. This Adventure shows a good example of smaller photos uploaded together.

  • Lastly, don’t forget to upload a cover photo. This is the image that’ll feature in the catalogue once published. Choose something eye-catching; it’ll work attract more readers to your Adventure.

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  • Add attractions to your Adventure (if available). You can see what’s available by clicking on the icon that looks like a building. Once selected, you’ll see the activity in your Adventure along with photo, description, traveller reviews and location. Don’t forget to write about your personal experience of visiting these attractions. Take some inspiration from this Adventure from Claire Delplancq.

  • If the attraction isn’t in the database, add a place that’s close to it, eg a landmark or public place. The main thing is that the traveller can navigate their way around the destination.

  • You can change the time spent at the attraction, as well as the time of visit if you wish. You can change this in the settings.

And there you have it. These are the basic recommendations that will allow you to create a unique Adventure that’ll pass our test, and get you published.

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