Konstantin Parfenenok

As of Today (5th April 2018) we are changing our terms and conditions including our payments structure.

We will make a first credit to your Writing revenue only after your Adventure reaches 100 unique views. Contributor account types and rates remain the same i. e. 10$ for Gold, 5$ — Silver, 1$ — for beginners.

A second credit to your Writing revenue, paid also at 10$ for Gold, 5$ — Silver, 1$ — for beginners will be allocated once your Adventure reaches 1000 unique views.

All this means that you can simply double up your Writing revenue with more input.

Content Engagement revenue remains as is and is paid at 5$ for every 1000 views on top of your Writing revenue.

There are two reasons why we are making these changes. Firstly, to ensure content quality; and secondly, to drive more visitors to your content. We also believe, that contributors that write with passion and promote their Adventures on Social media should get better rewards.