Lisa Rivera

IQPlanner wants to help make this your best travel year yet, by rewarding our contributors up to $10 for each Adventure they publish.

We’ve launched our new payment structure, whereby users can earn up to $10 per Adventure by simply becoming one of our ‘Gold standard’ partners. 

A points structure has been in place since our launch in March 2017, but the newly launched Gold membership comes with an even bigger incentive to encourage bloggers.

To reach this milestone bloggers must:

  • Become an author by signing up to the site, create a free profile, and publish real life travel itineraries, videos and images.

  • Become a gold member of IQPlanner.

  • Post a minimum of 25 blogs/reviews, after which each subsequent post will achieve a $10 payment.

  • The blogs are measured by a stringent set of quality standards in order to ensure the content on the site is up to speed.  

Speaking on the new blogger incentive, IQPlanner co-founder Dmitrijus Konovalovas said:

‘As a digital start-up, we’re continually developing our site to make it appealing to both our blogging community and travellers.  While there are currently thousands of itineraries on the site to inspire our readers, we’re aiming for a million by the end of the year.   

‘The payment is our way of showing the blogging community that we value their input, dedication and time put into creating such amazing and inspirational ideas for others to enjoy and hopefully book.’