Lisa Rivera

When it comes to choosing a city break with a real history of romance, you can do no wrong in Verona.

Its romantic piazzas, impressive architecture and good food and wine, it’s easy to see why the northern Italian city is popular.

The city’s most famous of course for being the setting of the star-crossed lovers in William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Casa di Giulietta

When in Verona…. A complete cliché I know, but if you’re in the city — and you’re a first-time visitor — you must at least stop by and see the Casa di Guilietta.

Take heed, because it’s ridiculously busy, and a slight shock when you enter. If you’d like to take photos, be strategic and quick about it, as you’ll be battling with all the selfie sticks, as well as people taking selfies.

Casa di Guilietta

There’s an option to go inside, but it’s not as romantic as to what other sights Verona has to offer. That said, let’s move on.

Via Cappello, 23, 37121 Verona

Piazza delle Erbe

The piazza’s home not only to the central market of Verona, but also to a plentiful string of bars and restaurants. From fruits and vegetables to bars and restaurants, it’s no wonder why the ‘square of herbs’ is renowned for its buzzing atmosphere.

Piazza delle Erbe

Once known as being the town’s forum for the Roman Empire, the piazza has an impressive range of Medieval and Renaissance style architecture, such as the Torre dei Lamberti, and the City Hall.

Upon leaving the square, be sure to go via the Arco della Costa to catch the sight of the hanging whale rib, before exploring the funerary monuments at the Scaliger Tombs.

Piazza Erbe, 37121 Verona

Giardino Giusti

To turn up the romantic vibes, a visit to the striking Italian Renaissance gardens, Giardino Giusti, is a must. Marvel in the glorious gardens that are regarded as one of the most beautiful in Europe.

Designed in the 16th century, the Italian gardens owned by the Giusti family has everything from age-old trees, to gargoyles and fountains. The gardens most famous visitors were Goethe and Mozart, and if they went, you know it’ll be splendid.

Giardino Giusti

The gardens are also part of the family stunning palazzo, which you can also visit if you wish. For more information, visit the website.

Via Giardino Giusti, 2, 37121 Verona

Arena di Verona

Whatever your feelings about opera, your mouth will drop at the sight of the Arena di Verona. As well as open-air large scale opera performances, there’s also more contemporary concerts on the schedule.

Arena di Verona

From June 22 2017 to 1 September 2018, the Arena di Verona will be home to the Opera Festival 2018. From Aida to Il Barbiere di Siviglia, this event will surely be a fan for lovers of opera everywhere.

Piazza Bra, 1, 37121 Verona

Cappa Café

For a café with a gorgeous view of the River Adige, a perfect romantic spot is Cappa Café. Take an aperitivo and admire the views of the Ponte Pietra, Roman theatre and of course each other!


The décor inside’s a bit of East meets West, with the stone buddhas, and don’t forget to check the menu too. All your Italian favourites are sure to be on there.

Piazzetta Bra' Molinari, 1 / a, 37121 Verona

Piazzale Castel San Pietro

The castle that sits on the hill awards one of the best — and free — panoramic views of Verona. It was here in this strategic point that Verona was founded, and the Romanesque Revival styled castle built during the time of Austrian rule.

Castel San Pietro

While the stairs that lead to the top of the hill are plentiful, it’s definitely worth the breathlessness once you see the views. Look out for the stairway near the Roman Theatre.

If you’d like to go inside, you’ll be sorely disappointed as it’s off-limits to visitors.

Piazzale Castel S. Pietro, 2, 37129 Verona