Lisa Rivera

Let’s face it, most of us love to travel but are sometimes put off from the cost of paying for it all.

Rather than forgetting the idea altogether, there are many services that’ll help to replenish your bank balance while fulfilling your travelling dream.

As well as making money from contributing your fantastic travel ideas to your IQPlanner profile, here are some other cool things that you can do....

Bring back ordered goods with

There’s likely to have been a time when friends asked to bring something back from your travels — maybe spices from India, or Parmesan cheese from Italy.


Recognising a gap in the market, Darya Rebenok and Artem Fedyaev, came up with a viable solution. is a service where you can get anything in the world delivered by a trusted traveller.

Buyers make an application for the goods they want, and write the amount they’re willing to pay. It’s then up to the travellers to accept them.

The financial reward comes when the travellers receive, upon the transfer of goods through the system, payment for the service.

It’s a mutually beneficial cooperation and one that unites buyers and travellers.

Rent out your home with Airbnb

Airbnb has been around for a while now, but its popularity among travellers shows no sign of slowing down. The popular home sharing service offers a different, and cheaper, way of travelling.

What’s more, as a host, it’s the perfect way to make some good money while travelling on the road! Whether it’s a private room in an apartment in the city centre, or a villa by the sea, you can be sure to find accommodation that suits every taste and budget.


The service is not only 3 to 4 times more economical than hotels, but you can also negotiate with the owners about the discount offered, and even discuss details of the accommodation. Airbnb also offers travellers the opportunity to find out more about the locals of the country.

The website allows users to check the reputation of landlords and tourists, and saves both parties from cash payments, as all payments are electronic. Travellers should note that the service charge is 11%, but this is minimal to the potential earnings you can make.

Write about travel with Travel Massive

The Travel Massive community unites professional travel industry professionals to bloggers.

Airline seats

By joining any of the chapters closest to where you’re based, you can find companies that invite bloggers to events, or provide accommodation in return for feedback on them.

In some instances, the host country will pay for your stay, flight, and even pay for your post. What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

Work remotely with Upwork

Remote work is an excellent option for those who spend a lot of time travelling.

One of the most recognised and respected international services that help freelancers find a job is Upwork. You might be more familiar with their previous name, Elance, but essentially they still offer the same service.


Once you register, you’re able to see jobs in different areas. It may be calls for web designers, programmers, illustrators, copywriters, marketers, or even consultants in various fields.

End of the day, Upwork works well for travellers interested in working and earning while abroad.

Photograph and earn with Lobster Media

Though receiving likes on your photos in social networks may provide a temporary rush of pride, and let’s face it, an ego boost, they cannot buy a cup of coffee nor a cheap plane ticket!


This is where Russian-British start-up comes in. Its service allows users of social networks to earn money on their photos and videos, and for those in the media to get their paws on absolutely unique content.

Prices for photos start at $ 2.25, which is definitely enough to buy that cup of coffee! Sign up here.