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We’re saying a big thank you to these bloggers and travellers, and nominating them as this month’s rising stars….

Since launching our new payment initiative in January 2018, we’ve been inundated with itineraries from bloggers, travellers, and local experts. From sharing their stories on the best things to do, to dishing out travel inspiration, we’d like to say thank you!

IQPlanner blogging rising stars

Pooja Walke

Indian traveller Pooja Walke joined in September 2017. A serious contender for top adventure author, Pooja has so far written 16 travel stories.


Some of the destinations she’s written about include, the pretty pink city of Jaipur and Agra both in India, as well as the Kerterminde Cherry Festival in Denmark. Read about more of her adventures by checking out Pooja’s IQPlanner profile page.

Claire Delplancq

London-based world traveller, Claire Delplancq, joined in January 2018 during our promotion. She writes for her website, claireimaginarium, and is active in the travel blogging community.


Claire’s racked up an impressive 9 adventures since joining, and March has just begun! As well as adventures on Hakone and Kyoto in Japan, you can also read about the Cotswolds in the UK, and a weekend in Rome. Head to her IQPlanner profile page to get some tips and suggestions on these destinations.

Anastasia Patseva

Russian jetsetter Anastasia Patseva is a rising star not only on this platform, but also on our Russian equivalent. Since joining in January 2017, she’s written a grand total of 23 adventures in English, and the same number in Russian!


Read Anastasia’s travels from Shanghai to Old Havana, and Sydney to Santiago from her IQPlanner profile page.

Gregory Terekhin

Vilnius native Gregory Terekhin has been burning up the IQPlanner catalogue with his adventures. He joined in January 2017, and has 14 adventures to his name — so far!

Ho Chi Minh

His passion for travel shows in his journeys to Milan, Zurich and Ho Chi Minh City. You can see what activities and attractions he recommends in each destination by heading to his IQPlanner profile page.

Hannah Copcutt

Psychology graduate Hannah from Leeds, UK, is a recent graduate with a passion for travel. She joined in January 2018 and has so far written 3 adventures.


If you’re planning a trip to Dublin, York (UK) or Amsterdam, don’t book anything without first reading her adventures from her IQPlanner profile page.

Babit Gurung

Indian blogger and rural tourism consultant, Babit Gurung, advises travellers to India on offbeat places to visit, and connects them with local hosts. Since joining us in January 2018, he’s contributed 10 unique adventures that reflect his knowledge and passion for his home country.


Read about the medicine men of the Himalayan tribes or river trekking through the Neora Valley National Park, by visiting his IQPlanner profile page.

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