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Athens-based travel blogger and passionate photographer, Giorgos Spyridakos, provides a glimpse through his photos of his visit to the Swiss city of Zurich. Check out Giorgos' IQPlanner profile here.

On a recent trip to Zurich, I stayed at a well-known hotel franchise, where I paid the bargain price of €100. It was by far the cheapest we found in the city! With no planned holiday itinerary I was eager to explore the city for myself.

Zurich is a city that respects its citizens as well as its visitors. Most noteworthy is its public transport system — one of the best in the world.

The transport

Waiting more than 5 minutes for transport is very rare. This is Zurich Stadelhofen, one of the most important local railway stations in the city.

Zurich Stadelhofen

The streets are completely clean of garbage; something that cannot be said in Greece. There are many restaurants and pubs in virtually every corner of the city. Weekdays tend to be quieter, meaning there’s plenty chance to take in the sights with no tourists around!


Zurich has many open spaces, like Sechsenlautenplatz. It’s the largest town square in the city, which probably gets really busy in the summer. As you can see from the photo, winter is a totally different story!

The sights

While walking through the narrow streets of the city, we bumped into a grand and beautiful church in Grossmunsterplatz.


The Grossmunster is a Romanesque-style Protestant church, and one of four of the most important congregations in Zurich. I didn’t have time to see it properly, but I still managed to take some photos.

The Limmat

It’d be worth visiting Zurich again in the spring or summer, especially if on a cruise. The Limmat river is ideal for seeing the city on a boat, and spending a few hours taking in the city.


At nightfall, the city becomes even more appealing. There are so many opportunities for good photographs, whatever your level!

The train stations

Another impressive sight in Zurich is the size of the train stations. As you can can see from the photo, Bahnhofplatz Zurich is huge in size, almost as big as a shopping mall!

Bahnhofplatz Zurich

In conclusion, the city of Zurich is extremely expensive for most people, but the places you see will more than compensate the cost!

All photos courtesy of Giorgos Spyridakos.