Lisa Rivera

It’s 1 June, which only means one thing: festival season is on its way!

The start of festival season means that summer is just around the corner. As well as the many music festivals taking place throughout June — I’m talking to you Glastonbury, there are also umpteen art and cultural festivals to choose from.

Another big plus of attending a festival of course is the travel inspiration element. Some are located in faraway locations, or better yet, lesser known places. Festivals provide great opportunity to stumble upon a new landscape, while also enjoying the festival vibes.

The pack-list

The fun, and easy part of going to a festival, is deciding upon which one to attend. The biggest challenge comes in knowing what to pack, and being prepared for the weather, come rain or shine.

Being prepared for the outdoor festival experience takes plenty of planning that if done correctly, will make you one happy camper.

The tent

Choosing a tent can be a tough task, particularly if you’re new to the camping game. Depending on how many people will be sharing the tent, choose one big enough to accommodate your party.

There are many pop-up tents available online, which tend to be more practical and fuss-free when setting up. Needless to say, your ideal tent should be waterproof as well as lightweight to be able to carry around, without causing back pain afterwards.

If your budget allows, there are more ‘luxurious’ options available. Take the tents that come complete with solar panels to charge your mobile/USB adaptors. There'll be no more worrying about a dead phone in the middle of filming a concert, plus unlimited selfies!

Top tip: don’t forget to buy the important tent pegs – you want to make sure you'll have a tent to return to!

The clothes

Needless to say, it’s essential you pack the right clothing. Forget about ‘Boho chic’, this is all about the essentials. You’ll need these for when the sun goes down, and the nights get a bit cooler.

For men and women, having a good base layer is a must. Soft and quick drying vest tops and t-shirts make great options for sunny or cooler climes.


As most festivals taking place during the summer months, pick either a mid-layer or an outer layer such as a durable, yet light, waterproof jacket.

The shoes

There’s nothing worse than having uncomfortably sweaty feet, or completely drenched socks and footwear at a festival.

That said, choosing the right footwear is essential to making the festival experience more comfortable, and drier too!


Wellies are a staple must bring to any field type festival, to stamp through the grass and, if it rains, the mud. It’s also worth taking a pair of flip flops, some good quality walking sandals, and a pair of trainers.

The toiletries

It’s probably safe to say that hygiene levels at a festival are less than to be desired. In order to try to stay ‘fresh’, the following products will do their absolute best to help!


Any female, traveller or non, will tell you that dry shampoo is a lifesaver. They not only help to keep greasy roots at bay, but they also smell pretty nice too.

They’re also suitable for men and women, meaning there’s little excuse for your hair to not smell presentable.

Face and body

The lack of water at outdoors festivals doesn’t mean that you can’t still take care of your skin. Facial wipes are a good alternative, with some combining cleansing and toning, leaving more time to enjoy the festivities.

Facial wipes

Body wipes will never replace the feeling of a long, hot shower, but nonetheless, they’re better than nothing when at a festival. At the time of writing, I spotted a product called ‘Big Body Wipes’ (!), so they could also be a useful option.

Protect your face from harmful UV by doubling up your moisturiser with SPF. Even better, invest in one that’s water resistant, and able to withstand perspiration and excessive oil.

Travel-sized toothbrushes and toothpastes have existed long before me, so there’s no excuse for that morning hangover breath!  

The bag

You didn’t come to the festival to hang out in your tent all day, so invest in a good bag that’s compact enough to store your things, and practical too.


From the backpacks and bum bags to contemporary crossover styles, there are plenty to choose from. The only thing you need to do now is enjoy!