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This is the first, of hopefully, more 'app-lights', where we feature up-and-coming travel apps that you need to keep an eye on.

Skiing enthusiast Ivan Mikhaylov was able to turn his passion for mountains, slopes, and travelling into a unique service for skiers and snowboarders.

Skadi event

He is one of the key members of the SKADI project – a unique pro-active ski guide app. We asked him for his advice to those who travel to ski resorts. You can find out more about Ivan from his IQPlanner profile page.

How did you come up with the idea of creating SKADI?

The idea of the 1st prototype actually came to my colleague Sergey (one of the co-founders and CEO of SKADI). It happened after he had an accident while skiing in Verbier, Switzerland.

Weather conditions were really bad, with dense fog and very poor visibility. Sergey was skiing and didn’t notice the edge of the piste…. He fell from a 6ft high cliff on the rocks and broke his leg.

Skadi 1

While in the hospital for 6 months, he thought a lot about his accident, and wondered why there were no services/gadgets that help keep people safe while skiing. So, he decided to create a mobile service, began to build a team and invited me to join this fantastic project.

Are there any applications that can help those who travel to ski resorts?

Yes, definitely. There are many different apps that can help skiers and snowboarders. They include:

  • FatMap - 3D maps
  • GPS trackers - iSki tracker, Trace Snow etc
  • Ski resort apps - most of them provide content: hotels, restaurants, other points of interest, weather forecast, map of resort (usually not interactive) and photos etc
  • Yuge (Paradiski), Ski Amade, 4riders ski - these ski apps are the closest to SKADI’s functionality.

Skadi app

However, there’s no ski app like SKADI with proactive voice guidance and gaming features, which are available for skiers / snowboarders 24 hours per day. It also allows users to get the most from their holidays.

How often do you go skiing?

I usually go 1 to 2 times per year. However, now I tend to ski more often because of SKADI. In summer, we may have special events in the mountains or testing sessions of new SKADI features (for example, in Hintertux glacier, Austria).

Any advice to those who go to ski resorts?

Start skiing with SKADI! I’m not joking. If we’re talking about helpful and useful skiing apps, I’d advise skiers to ski with Skadi.

Skadi 3

I started skiing with it one and a half years ago, and now I can’t sky without it!

My other advice would be:

  • Don’t ski too fast, find the most comfortable speed and pistes for your ability
  • Get the most out of your vacation. If you want to ski, then go skiing. If you want a glass of beer or prosecco, stop skiing, grab a drink and enjoy the awesome view of the mountains
  • March is the best month for skiing. There’s a lot of snow and sun in the mountains.

Do you like to travel? What are the most interesting things you’ve seen on your journeys?

Yes, I like to travel and to discover new interesting places, stories and people. But right now there isn’t enough time to travel everywhere I want to visit.

Novgorod text

The most interesting things I’ve seen are the old villages and churches on the Russian North. I travelled 10 years ago with friends to the very old Russian cities of Novgorod and Pskov. I also remember the first time I walked around Paris at nighttime. There were no tourists, just wonderful monuments.

Name a place, city, or country where you feel happiest?

I really like being in the mountains. When you see the bright sun, blue sky and white snowy peaks in the morning, I really feel happy.

Skadi 6

But for me it’s more important who you’re with, than where you are. If I’m travelling together with my family, there’d be a lot of different places where I’d feel happiest.

Where’s your next adventure?

I don’t know! It may be a small tour of the northern Italian provinces, or maybe a trip to the Mediterranean sea in Greece.


It could even be a short trip to Ljubljana in Slovenia with my colleagues – they’re real fans of this small european country. Wherever I go, it’ll be a great adventure!

Keep up to date with SKADI by following them on the links below:

www.skadi.guideYouTubeIQPlannerAppstoreGoogle Play

All photos, except Ljubljana and Novgorod, courtesy of SKADI