Lisa Rivera

In a world where the internet — for many — has become a platform to showcase their entire life, it’s easy to forget the many hidden dangers behind a simple upload.

Where the internet has virtually destroyed boundaries of privacy, and cybercrime is on the rise, more of us are now taking extra precaution with our credit cards and personal details online. However, the same cannot be said about posting photos of our boarding passes.

Posting the boarding pass online – don’t do it!

There’s nothing more exhilarating for travellers than booking that next trip. So, when the day of travel arrives, many are keen to share their airport photos, waiting to board the plane etc on social media as a source of travel inspiration. Others are very keen to share photos of their passport and boarding pass.

At this point you may be thinking ‘boarding pass, what’s the danger in posting this?’ Showing the world your boarding pass is as harmless as taking a selfie on the plane or a group photo, right? Wrong!

boarding pass

In actual fact, your boarding pass contains a lot of important information, and you never know who’s looking. With just one surname, ticket reference, booking code with the flight number, hackers or scammers can find out even more about you. 

How can they do it?

It’s simple. If somebody sees your barcode, PNR (the 5 or 6 symbols), ticket number and your name, they can use this information to do damage. For example, they could change your seat number, cancel your online booking and even cancel your tickets entirely. Also, they could gain access to personal information, such as your telephone number, email and more.


Your data can be used in a variety of ways. From opening up fictitious loan applications to trying to hack your bank account, it’s a risk not worth taking. In short, there are plenty of options for scammers/hackers to get information on you if they wish. And by posting your boarding pass online, you’re allowing them to access your data.

In related news, there’s also been incidences of people’s homes being broken into while on holiday. Their crime: posting too many photos online, and giving a clear indication to burglars that nobody’s home!

Top tips

Don’t upload photos of your trip details on an unsecured network — it’ll only create a bunch of problems for you after. If you really want to show off your boarding pass, or trip details to your friends, do it in a secure network with restricted access.


Better yet, remove all unnecessary attachments, such as ticket number, booking code and flight data.

And lastly, don’t forget about barcodes, as they’re also easy for hackers/scammers to read.